40 People Who Witnessed Other Parents Being Total Jerks And Just Had To Share

There are many ways to be a toxic parent to your kids, but these self-absorbed parents don’t just affect their offspring – but the entire world around them. Whether they think the world revolves around their kid(s) or that the world and their kid(s) revolve around them, some people have zero awareness or regard of just how obnoxious their actions are.

Bored Panda has collected a list of photos from the internet of this variety of parent, and they will make your blood boil. From not cleaning up after their messy children they let run rampant, to downright neglect that could lead to their kids getting hurt – the people on this list could benefit from a parenting class. Scroll down below to check out the craziness and don’t forget to upvote your favs!



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“Taking A Picture Of Me???” – Woman Changing Her Baby’s Dirty Diaper On Top Of An Old Navy Clothing Display

Parenting is hard, there is no question about it. It’s easy to get stressed and frustrated – which can lead to some toxic parenting habits. Here are some toxic parenting behaviors to avoid. Instead of taking at your kids talk with them. Barbara Greenberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist known for her national television appearances focusing on the mental health of adolescents and teens, told Reader’s Digest: “Toxic parents are known for not listening to their kids, but instead, talking over them or at them,” and said they should, “make a concerted effort to remain silent and listen, listen, and listen some more. If kids feel listened to they will talk more and confide more. 



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This Is At My Local Park That Has 5 Baseball Fields. The Parents Need To Control Themselves


Parents Letting Their Children Play On The “Vietnam Women’s Memorial” Right In Front Of Veterans

Try to stay positive! Negative thoughts can be more powerful than you think and affect your interactions with your kids. Internationally recognized child psychology expert, Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, explained to RD: “No kid is perfect, but parents often don’t realize just how much their own thoughts, rather than their children’s behavior, contribute to their own emotions.” 



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These Kids Just Destroyed This Thrift Shop’s Toy Section And Their Parents Did Nothing


This Mother…

It’s hard to keep a cool head when you have a million things to do, the dog got out, you have to drop people off at activities and still have work. Dr. Bernstein believes that it is worth it to learn how to manage these frustrations as the outcome can have a positive effect on your child’s behavior. “When you learn to identify and manage your own parenting frustrations, you’ll be amazed at how your child’s challenging behaviors can quickly improve.” 


Someone Took Their Measles-Infected Kid To The Play Area At IKEA



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Leaving Dirty Diapers At Your Table After Leaving A Restaurant Is Pretty Trashy

Your child is not their behavior. We all have bad days, imagine if you snapped at your child and from every day onward your kid thought of you only as “angry” mom or dad. The same goes for your kids. Dr. Bernstein explained: “The lack of time for parents to catch their breath and reflect, can lead them sometimes to see their children in global ways. As a result, toxic labels such as: lazy, problematic, selfish, and inconsiderate can result in parents influencing their children to be locked into a negative identity.” Focus on solutions, not labels. 


Neglectful Parents


Lifting Your Kids Over A Guard Rail So You Can Ignore Them With Your Smartphone While They Try To Destroy A Display

Every kid is unique, even within the same family, and each one has something to bring to the table. Maybe you find it easier to get along with one sibling over the other or have more in common, but comparing kids against each other is toxic – especially if you think it will result in a change of behavior. Dr. Greenberg says, “Instead, you should celebrate each child’s individuality; comparisons damage self-esteem and do not serve as motivation.”


Letting Your Kid Watch A Movie On Full Volume In A Restaurant


This Mom Allowing Her Child To Listen To His iPad Full Volume Without Headphones For The Entire Flight


Putting A Used Diaper In A Child’s Shoe Is The Hot New Thing In My Parents’ Hometown


Pro Travel Parenting Tip: Use The Lavatory For Your Child

Backstory: Parent brings own potty seat on board, sets it in aisle mid-flight to have child use (in front of everyone) – when discovered by crew was advised she couldn’t do this & would need to utilize the unoccupied lavatory. And her reply: “I don’t give a ****!”


This Little Kid’s Ballon In The Theatre


Dealership I Work At Gives Out Loaner Vehicles While We Get Theirs Repaired. One We Just Got Back


A Mom And Two Older Kids Refused To Leave The Kids Play Table So Kids Could Play. They Didn’t Even Look Up From Their Phones


Please Don’t Be The Type Of Person To Say Or Tell Your Children That This Is Okay Because It Is Someone’s Job To Clean It


Leaving Your Baby In The Middle Of The Entrance (The Parents Were Nowhere To Be Seen)


This Parent Became Part Of The Show So She Can Get A Close Up Of Her Kid


Parents Who Raise Their Kids Saying It’s Okay To Leave A Library Like This


Don’t Use Your Kid’s Mental Illness To Be An *******


A Mother Just Watched Her Child Do This


I Love Watching My Kid Through An iPad

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When Parents Allow Their Kids To Make Messes In Stores Like This


Had My Tutoring Area All Set Up, And The Kid Didn’t Show. The Parents Didn’t Even Call. I Got Up At 7:00 In The Summer For This


Let Me Look At My Phone While I Block All The Other Parents From Seeing Their Kids Dance


Spotted This Kid Next To Me Jumping And Climbing On His Seat While The Plane Was Landing. Parents, Please


When Parents Let Their Kids Destroy The Thrift Store


And The ******* Of The Day Award Goes To The Parent Who Left Two Loaded Diapers Nestled In The Rocks Along The Barton Springs Spillway Only About 20 Feet From A Trash Bin


Parents Letting Their Kids Play With The Toys At Goodwill And Just Leaving It


Parent Made Her Party Guests Give Up Their Bears To Her Daughter


Kid Drops A Squeeze Ball Over An Ancient Roman Mosaic. Parents Let Him Go Fetch It, Ruining The “Birds Mosaic” Of Italica, Spain

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Parents That Do This When A Trash Can Is 10 Feet Away


Parents Who Let Their Kids Watch Videos On Full Volume In Public


Someone’s Kid Bit Into My Yogurt Container And The Parent Put It Back On The Shelf. Then I Bought It And Had To Go Back To The Store To Buy A New One


Parents Watching Their Children Climb Up And Destroy These Signs In IKEA


These Parents In Dentist Waiting Room Are Letting Their Kids Tear Up The Magazines


Trashy Dad, Letting Baby Drop Food On The Train Floor, Then Stepping On It Himself In His Socks. Witnessed Near Birmingham (UK)

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