Apple employees are walking into their office’s glass walls because… karma

At Apple Park, karma's a b*tch.
Image: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Apple’s new futuristic, almost all-glass, Cupertino, Calif. campus may be beautiful, but it’s causing some problems for employees.

Apparently, Apple workers keep walking into Apple Park’s nifty glass walls. And it’s not just because glass is, ya know, glass: it’s because their faces are buried in their iPhones.

Oh Karma, you do have a sense of humor!

Bloomberg reports that multiple employees have found themselves unexpectedly running into the glass walls that are the design hallmark of Apple Park. Some workers reportedly even put post-it notes on the walls to make their presence more obvious. But the visual warnings were removed because they detracted from the office’s sleek design. 

But let’s be real. Not knowing that the walls aren’t there isn’t the problem. It’s all that distracted walking, from the very people who made the iPhone!

Apple opened its new corporate headquarters to employees in April 2017, and a visitor center opened to the public in November. The construction of the campus brought to fruition one of Steve Jobs’ last visions for Apple before he passed away in 2011. The spaceship-like Apple Park is filled with glass “pods” instead of offices, designed for openness and collaboration. 

It’s a beautiful vision. If only Apple hadn’t helped us become more obsessed with the glass panes in our hands, than those in the spaces we live and work in.

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