Cow who escaped truck en route to slaughterhouse gives birth to female calf

Brianna, a pregnant cow who escaped a cattle truck early Thursday morning en route to a slaughterhouse, gave birth on Saturday to a female calf named Winter. (Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue)

A pregnant cow who escaped a cattle truck en route to a New Jersey slaughterhouse gave birth to a female calf at the sanctuary that rescued her on Saturday.

Brianna’s calf, named Winter, was born days after her mother fell 8 feet from the second level of a cattle truck on Interstate 80, the New Jersey Herald reported.


A police chase ensued, and, eventually, Brianna was taken in by the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, located in Wantage. The sanctuary’s founder named the cow “Brianna” in honor of “Brian,” the police officer who told him of the bovine’s escape.

Brianna, as it turns out, was in good health — and pregnant. On Sunday, she gave birth to Winter, as seen in a video uploaded to the rescue’s Facebook page.

“She was less than ten minutes away from that slaughterhouse when she flew out of the truck,” a post alongside the video read. “She’s never had freedom, she’d been impregnated about nine months ago, and had already lost her home and her family, but that wasn’t enough, EVERYTHING was about to be stolen from her, her beautiful baby, and her life.”

The addition of Brianna and Winter gives the rescue 70 cows, the sanctuary’s founder said.

In October 2017, Skylands took in a bull who escaped a slaughterhouse in Brooklyn, N.Y., then ran through the borough’s Prospect Park.

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