Guy Left Confused After He Notices His Tinder Match Is Standing In His Bathroom

If you have ever used Tinder (or, the internet in general really) then you’ll be familiar with how quickly things can get a bit strange. It’s the place where the weird and wonderful people of this world congregate, with mixed results.

But what do you expect when you blend complete strangers together? Amalgamating anonymous users was always going to present unique stories – such as the following tale, involving two teens who’d never met, Tinder and a house. Naturally, you’re probably visualizing tales of Netflix & chill, but that’s not the case in this scenario… Swiping nonchalantly through a stack of local girls on Tinder, Mark from West Virginia came across one match which made him immediately pause and look closer. Had he found ‘The One’? Had he stumbled upon an ex? Had he matched with his sister? No, but what he saw was certainly strange. Shining back at him from his screen was a pretty blonde girl, wearing a white crochet crop top. But it wasn’t her bare midriff or perfect pout that peaked Mike’s attention. It was the girl’s location that interested him, for he thought he recognized it. After further investigations, Mike was completely convinced that the girl, a 19-year-old fellow student named Jenna, was in his house. Scanning the surroundings he recognized the white wooden panel walls and even the stack of dirty clothes strewn on the floor by his housemate. Rather than connect with Jenna, Mark took to Twitter to reveal his discovery. “I’ve never [seen] this girl before and yet, her tinder profile picture is in my bathroom,” he posted, alongside Jenna’s picture and a photograph of himself standing in the same spot. Immediately the post went viral, attracting a cool 52,000 likes from (ironically) complete strangers who found the situation amusing. This attention then saw users try to decipher who the mystery girl was. Why was she in Mark’s house? After further investigation, Jenna came forward. But, rather than provide any details as to why she was in Mark’s house, she simply uploaded a photograph of herself partying on his porch. It later transpired that Jenna was a guest at a house party thrown by his housemate while Mark was out of town. Upon entering the restroom she noted that the lighting was extremely flattering and acting as any normal girl would, she snapped a selfie. Evidently happy with how it turned out, Jenna went on to use it for her Tinder and Twitter profiles – obviously unperturbed by the mound of dirty washing in the background. Immediately after Jenna was identified, Twitter users banded together to beg that the two go on a date. “I’m hoping you swiped right and figured this out?” one user commented, while another more bluntly typed: “Did you smash?”

Currently, it is unclear if Mark and Jenna did hit it off. Although it seems unlikely considering Jenna’s next post, in which she shared screenshots of messages she’d received via the dating app from admirers who knew of her Twitter fame. If Cinderella were to be modernized for today’s world, then this tale could provide the perfect backstory – Tinderella has a certain ring to it!

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