People Continue Posting Things That Annoy Them More Than They Should (45 New Pics)

It’s often the little things that tip us over the edge. Back pain remedy ending up on the bottom shelf. Bananas being both overripe and underripe… Whether the universe has conspired against someone or they simply have to deal with other people’s stupidity, it only takes so much to ruin a perfectly fine day.

Disappointed and angry, people turn to the Internet. Here, they’re posting photos of the things that drive them crazy, hoping that someone will share their pain. And who are we to let them down? Bored Panda has put together a list of pics to prove just how annoying everyday situations can get, so continue scrolling and upvote your (least) favorite entries.

And if you’re into sadomasochism, check out our earlier list of mildly infuriating pictures as well.


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That’s The Worst

Interestingly, science writers Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman have even published a book, trying to explain the reasons behind our frustrations. In Annoying, they say that it’s really difficult to find a universal formula for what is, well, annoying. Not every trouble is to terribly unpleasant, at least not when experienced one at a time. Rather, it is when they are repetitive and unpredictable that they get under our skin.


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A random firework might take us by surprise, it can even frighten us, but it won’t instantly become annoying. Our neighbor’s loud music, however, played over and over and over again, is very annoying.


When You Spend 30 Mins Guessing Your Passwords And Decide To Reset It And This Happens

Paul Garrity, however, believes he may have found the evolutionary seeds of annoyance, in the reactions to one of nature’s most annoying creatures: the fly. The associate professor of biology at Brandeis University has devoted his time to studying the fruit fly. It has an ability similar to our own to sense potentially dangerous chemicals as well as pressure and temperature changes. That skill, to perceive possible dangers, may be the origin of the annoyance we feel today, he said.


When You’re Pouring Something And This Happens


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Apparently, we can train ourselves not to get annoyed. Well, at least some of the time. Have you ever noticed how childfree people get more impatient with a crying or misbehaving kid than parents do? Michael R. Cunningham, a psychologist at the University of Louisville, told The Boston Globe that, “You can leave the environment, you can change the environment, or you can do something inside yourself to change your reaction.” That could mean changing behaviors, for example, doing deep breathing, counting to 10, or taking a walk every time you’re stressed out. It could also mean deliberately changing your thoughts about the situation – deciding, for instance, to view it as quirky instead of annoying.


Forget Drinking Straws – This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting


Erasers Like These


I Feel Like This Happens To Me More Often Than It Should


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Finally Someone Made A Statue Of This


Boxes That Open Like This


Back Pain Remedy On The Bottom Shelf


The Way My Mom Watches TV With Things Obscuring The Screen


Destroying The Planet One Apple At A Time


Wtf I Suppose To Say


When Your Keys Do The Thing


The Image Speaks For Itself


The Only Reason Wy I Hate Glasses


Every Dang Time




The Beach Near My House After The Tourist Left


Text Printed All The Way To The Spine


I Knew There Was Something Fishy When My Pencil Sharpened Perfectly


When People Answer Amazon Product Questions That They Cannot Answer


Restaurants That Serve Cold Butter, Causing The Bread To Break When You Spread It


Pickup Trucks With High Beams On


Every Night Like 2000 Times A Night, Having To Fix This


Sitting Under This “Vent” All Summer Wondering Why I Wasn’t Getting Any Cooler


When Your Dog Does This


When Apps Don’t Use QWERTY


Middle Seat


Every Goddamn Time I Try To Peel Open One Of These


I Couldn’t Get My Grass To Grow, So I Replaced It With A Rock Bed. Six Months Later And The Grass Is Growing Better Than Ever


These Bananas Are Both Overripe And Underripe


When Your Keys Conspire Against You In Your Pocket


Spent Hours Completing This Mildly Infuriating Puzzle And Now I Can’t

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My New Nike Free Running Shoes After My First Run




With My $400$ Vip Ticket You Can’t Even See The Stage


Ruining The Best Shot


First Trillion Dollar Company


Pawn Shops Who Put Price Stickers Right On The Lens Of A Camera. No Way That’s Coming Off Clean

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