Pharmacist Student Shows MLM Supplements Are Harmful Garbage With Real-Life Example

Millions of people all over the world are sucked in by the allure of multilevel marketing, or MLMs, usually on the promise of flexible hours, easy money and the recommendation of a close friend or family member that has also gotten in on the scheme.
But like in anything in life that seems too good to be true, it almost always is. MLMs are essentially rebranded pyramid schemes, that rely not on the quality of the product, but on convincing as many people as possible to get ‘under’ you. This seedy race to the bottom that has destroyed countless relationships, and is a predatory scheme built on false promises and ultimately, disappointment.
This pharmacy student doesn’t like MLMs either. Not only do they empty your wallet, but some of the schemes are actively harmful for your health too. Shakes, supplements and diet pills are big business in MLM circles, with many promising cures for all kinds of ailments you never knew existed. With people quaffing these questionable products full of ‘herbal extracts’ by the gallon, pharmacists have to work overtime to find out how these ‘natural’ chemicals affect the medications they need to subscribe for your very real, and often self-inflicted illnesses.
Scroll down below to read her insightful rant below, and let us know what you think about MLMs and alternative health in the comments.

This girl, who is a pharmacy student, shared something recently that she thinks everyone needs to know

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People mostly agreed with her point of view, while sharing similar stories of their own

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