Bahamas sends 900 security personnel to hurricane-hit islands

Government acts to avert profiteering in wake of disaster as officials still trying to reach areas cut off by floods and debris The government of the Bahamas has sent 900 police and military personnel to the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama hardest hit by Hurricane Dorian. The Bahamian governments National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) said aviation authorities are aware of reports of commercial activity and would revoke flight permission for any aircraft charging fees. The agency said in a statement on Sunday that no flights are permitted to bill the authorities for evacuations and that consumer protection officials are investigating incidences of price gouging. A Original Article : HERE ;

He put his son on a roof for safety after the hurricane hit. A storm surge swallowed the 5-year-old

(CNN)Adrian Farrington struggled to stay afloat with his 5-year-old son after Hurricane Dorian hit their home on Abaco Island in northwestern Bahamas. They clung to each other, surrounded by surging waves and floating piles of debris. But before he could get up to the roof to hold Adrian Farrington Jr., a gust from the hurricane dragged the boy into the surge. That was the last time he saw him.

Living without water: the crisis pushing people out of El Salvador

El Salvador will run out of water within 80 years unless radical action is taken, a study found, while corporate interests, corruption and gangs worsen the problem Just after 6am, Victor Funez fills a three-gallon plastic pitcher with water from a tap in the cemetery, balances it on his head and trudges home, where his wife waits to soak maize kernels so she can make tortillas for breakfast. Funez, 38, stops briefly to help his daughter with some homework before heading back to the cemetery with the pink urn. This load fills large plastic milk and juice bottles used for drinking throughout the day. The tap is the familys only source of water, so Funez makes the journey along the …

Brazil: tortured dissidents appalled by Bolsonaro’s praise for dictatorship

Thousands were brutalized and hundreds killed during Brazils 21-year military rule a period lauded by the current president After they were arrested by military policemen in 1977 for leaving leftwing pamphlets outside a Brazilian factory near So Paulo, Mrcia Paes and Celso Brambilla were tortured for 10 days straight. Where are the weapons? their captors repeatedly asked them, as they attempted to link them to leftist guerrilla groups who had taken up arms against Brazils military rulers. They were subjected to beatings, death threats and rounds of Russian roulette; ordered the countrys armed forces to commemorate the anniversary of the 1964 coup which brought the military to power. In the past, Bolsonaro has defended torture and praised a notorious, dictatorship-era …

Border crisis: US failure to respond to migration surge has created chaos

El Paso officials, aid workers and churches are scrambling to find shelter and legal counsel for a surge of Central American migrants US authorities failure to keep up with a steep increase in Central American families seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border has left El Paso aid workers, churches and city government scrambling to respond. After a sudden surge in arrivals, migrants have been crowded into hotels, churches and even held struggled to cope with the crush of families and unaccompanied minors. Because of limits on how long children can be held in detention, most families are now being released to pursue their claims in immigration courts, a process that can take years. Marissa Nuez, a volunteer coordinator at Las …