Burger King launches line of ‘Unhappy Meals’ in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

Image: Sage Anderson I’m here to alert the presses that yes, people who peel their chicken nuggets before eating them actually exist. Let the “cursed food opinion” comments roll.  A photo of nude nuggets, freshly peeled, has been making the rounds on Twitter since late April, but it has recently incurred a fresh wave of delicious backlash.  We’re gonna need the police, the Sheriff, the FBI, US Marshalls, and Interpol for this one. pic.twitter.com/jzppIy8Xjy — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) May 8, 2019 PEEL your nuggets? they shoulda never gave y’all animals to eat — Goat Rich (@VainandAble) May 8, 2019