Stephen Colbert goes after Trump’s healthcare promises in a cutting 6-minute monologue

Stephen Colbert is a long way from impressed with Trump’s very vague promises of a healthcare plan.  “He’s decided he wants to kill Obamacare in the courts,” Colbert says in the clip above. “And remember repeal and replace? We’re gonna repeal and replace? Well, after nine years, they still haven’t gotten round to the replace part. “They have no plan.” Ultimately, Colbert compares Trump to an “old-timey travelling snake oil salesman” — one who’s come full circle, and is now telling the same lies he told years earlier to the town he first started in. Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

Trump admin considers using social media to deny you benefits

Sorry, not sorry.Image: Anadolu Agency / getty As if you needed another reason to stop posting on Facebook.  The Trump administration is reportedly working in collaboration with the Social Security Administration to develop a plan for combing through social media posts for evidence — whatever that means — that those receiving certain types of government benefits should have those benefits denied. That’s right, your ‘gram-worthy vacation pics could soon cause you to lose your disability insurance benefits.  So reports the New York Times, which cites “administration officials” as confirming that the White House is “actively” working on making this authoritarian fever dream a reality. The idea is not a new one, the Times notes, having been suggested in an earlier …