The HUGE $100 Million Trump Scandal No One Is Talking About!

For any other politician, this alone could be a career-ending scandal. For

So that’s about how much these things cost. Crazy expensive, but it is kind of an enormous city-wide party. Except, if you think THAT’S a lot…

The Trump inaugural committee raised $106.7 million!!! Yeah.

But those who watched probably noticed — it wasn’t twice as big as Obama’s. In fact, it was all around smaller.

The Trump committee promised

Why? Because the numbers are not adding up.

Most glaringly, as The New York Times reports, was $26 million paid to the consulting firm of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a fashion exec who had produced the Met Gala among other events. She’s also Melania Trump‘s longtime friend.

What could she possibly have done for or with that much money? No one seems to know!

What we do know is Stephanie personally got paid $1.62 million. And then she got a job afterward as “a special government employee” in Melania’s office. Whatever that means.

Well, now that this scandal is out in the open, Melania has already cut ties with Stephanie; her office has told The New York Times this week Mrs. Trump “had no knowledge of how funds were spent” and has now “severed the gratuitous services contract with Ms. Wolkoff.”

For her part, Ms. Winston Wolkoff called the media coverage “completely unfair.”

As the Trumps do, they’re throwing gurl under the bus. As though she’s the source of the corruption — like she just walked in and wrote herself a check for $26 million.

Like we said, MILLIONS of dollars unaccounted for. If this had happened with Obama in 2009, Fox News would STILL BE TALKING ABOUT IT NOW!

But no, Trump wants to give guns to teachers now, so as usual we have to deal with the immediate threat first.

But we just thought YOU should know!

[Image via Oliver Contreras/Pool Via CNP/Media Punch.]

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