Think The Baby On Your Last Flight Was Annoying? Wait Until You Hear This Madness.

Screaming children definitely aren’t uncommon on planes. In fact, if you spend your whole flight in blissful silence, you’ve basically won the airline lottery.

That said, there’s a huge (and very painful) difference between putting up with a toddler’s loud but fairly short tantrum and enduring eight hours of continuous auditory torture. Unfortunately, the latter is what passengers on a Lufthansa flight from Germany to Newark were forced to suffer through when an incredibly unruly boy let loose with demonic shrieking and would not stop for hours.

The child reportedly has some type of disability, which probably explains the non-stop screaming. However, that doesn’t change the absolute hell he put his fellow passengers through.

(via Daily Mail)

Keeping his disability in mind, what do you think should have been done in this situation, if anything? Should the mother have informed the flight crew beforehand, or is no one to blame? Let us know in the comments.

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