Twitter User Points Out Why Stormy Daniels Is A Serious Threat To Trump

Whether you support or detest Donald Trump, there’s one fact about our current president that nobody can deny: the man loves to tweet, especially when it comes to trash-talking.

And he isn’t exactly shy about naming the targets of his many rants. But one Twitter user has cleverly noticed something peculiar about the president’s Twitter feed as of late — namely, that it seems to be missing one very important person’s name you’d expect to see in at least one of his rambling tweets..

One of the latest scandals surrounding Trump is the alleged affair that took place between him and porn star Stormy Daniels back in 2006. She’s currently involved in legal battles against Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen. She also gave a pretty unflattering interview about Trump to “60 Minutes” this month.

So what does the big man have to say about all this? Well, nothing, according to journalist Judd Legum. In fact, he made a very smart observation regarding Trump’s lack of tweets about Daniels.

current president


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“One way you know Stormy Daniels is a serious threat to Trump: He has never once tweeted her name,” wrote Legum. And he makes a very good point.

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